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Over wooooo!

This was a satisfying thing to write today after four months of email correspondence with two dipshit brothers who have serious problems with women and a need (only when they’re both around and no one else is) to try to bully and intimidate me into just submitting to whatever stupid shit they’re doing/have done - paying their bills, letting their friends break into my house and stay in my room, threatening to ‘take a bat to my car’, cleaning up after them and their friends etc;

“Dear _____ and _____

I’ve received the final amount of the bond and will no longer have to contact you guys - thank you :)

Good luck in life.”

It’s scary though that they are trying to become PE Teachers. Someone stop this from happening please!

Their patriarchal views, anger and general stupidity does not need to influence/damage young minds…

And after requesting Sam stop labelling his bond transfer ‘money for drugs’ he managed to make it to ‘drugs for bond’. Aw so close! Nearly managed to be a mature adult and meet his legal obligations without being a dumbfuck and trying to compensate for his lack of abusive power in this situation. Nearly.

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